Guiding ideas

The world of my models range between “extremely reduced” (hull of a half-hull model) and “extremely scaled and detailed” (full-rigged model).
They shall carry messages for their owners – like comparison, desire, estethics, preservation, pride, remembrance...

Each person who studies a shipmodel will do this with his own “eyes”.
Each person who likes to gain a shipmodel would like to get realize his own ideas of the design.

All my products are unique works.

These requirements can not be served with cheap mass-production. All my workmanship is custom-made: concerning the scale, the details, the combination of materials.
Although I know, that modern materials (like plastic) and machines (like CNC-technologies) give very good results, I decided to trust in traditional workmanship: wood as main building material and tools leaded by hands.
Furthermore drawings and plans (i.e. from my archive), pictures and a vision about the design are basic “ingrediants”.
This website should not only be good for acquisition, but also a document of my previous work, and to give an idea about my manual skills. See the buttons half-hull models, full-rigged models, specials and  restorations. 

Ask for prices and dates

There is no price list available, since all products are individually designed. I will give you any informations via e-mail or telephone you demand for a decision. As soon as the design is fixed, you will receive a definite offer. The time to finish a model might range from 2 weeks for a light half hull model to more than one year for a complex full rigged one. What you will get is a product of high quality based on classic craftsmanship, which will exist only once in the world.